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Calligraphy, the Art of Beautiful Lettering, is an ancient art with records dating back to 213 B.C. The word "calligraphy" is derived from two Greek words: "kalos" meaning fine, and "grapho" to write. With the early use of reeds and brushes, and the evolution of illumination, calligraphy quickly developed into an early art form.

The Romans were the first to begin using papyrus. Many records indicate the French kings used papyrus for charters. Considered the foremost art form of the Orient, its journey from China to Japan took place around the eighth century. With the invention of the Guttenberg press in the fifteenth century, this art form began a steady decline.

However, calligraphy survived the onslaught of technology and is thriving in an environment of computer fonts. Historically, calligraphy was a profession dominated by men, but with the recent resurgence in the art of hand lettering, the prominence of women in this discipline is increasing. Still, there exist only a few hundred recognized hand letterers in the United States.

The broad latitude and evolution in this discipline encourages creative energy and beauty. Nowhere is this disciplined freedom seen in more elegant expression than Calligraphic Arts Design Studio. In business since 1971, we serve clients in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex and beyond. A well established professional studio with a reputation for dependability and attention to detail, we are the destination location for handmade wedding invitations, seating cards, table numbers, announcements, proclamations, corporate resolutions, layout, design, certificates, logos, and monograms. If it can be done with a pen, Susie-Melissa can write it for you.

The company has become the destination for local, national, and international clients who demand the best. The list reads like a Who's Who of Famous and Influential People. These clients have one thing in common when choosing Calligraphic Arts Design Studio - they are selecting the foremost hand lettering expert in the world.