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We love our clients and value what they have to say. We thought you might enjoy their feedback and the opportunity to hear what our clients think about our work. The reviews are from clients and students. Enjoy!


Thank you again for my lesson last night. I really enjoyed the time writing. There were a couple of instructions that have stuck with me and I think really help. 1) You are drawing your letters. 2) The pressure of the pen, before starting and at the end of each stroke. Mary Ann

Good morning Susie-Melissa!  Well I am back to Dallas and reality after my fabulous wedding & honeymoon! 
I wanted to take a moment and thank you again for the beautiful calligraphy you did for our wedding. Having your artistry made my wedding that much more special!  And you are such a pleasure to work with – thank you for everything! Kathy

Hi there S-M C! … thanks again for the quick service (got the cards today). In addition, we are very impressed with your business — I wish I could think of something else you could do for us. ciao bella

Thank you for doing a great professional job on the stationery that you had redone. I value your services and look forward in calling you again! God Bless. Sincerely, Dr. Luppi

thank you for being the talented and CAN DO woman that you are Susie-Melissa. I appreciate it so much! thanks again, Debbie

I'd just like to say that I LOVE the selection of rare nibs you have for sale. I could hardly choose which ones to buy, but finally settled on a few in addition to a Gillott Principality (which I never dreamed I'd find for sale in a quantity of just 1 for a great price!) and am SO GRATEFUL for the Esterbrook 365 you threw in! I'm very thankful, because I was hoping to try that exact nib but just happened to be a bit short on cash. I am also 'amazed' with how fast you shipped. I ordered some iron gall ink from another reliable company to use with these nibs and it won't be here until Thursday, but your order got here in just two days (not counting Sunday when USPS doesn't run). I know who to go to if I ever want any vintage nibs from now on.
K. Bailey

I just wanted to give you a sincere THANK YOU!!! for everything you have done for me and your incredible donation - sincerely. I mean WOW - even my husband is totally blown away at what you created - he loved what you did for our wedding and Christmas Cards and was speechless at what you created! BB was blown away. Thank you!!! Cindy

We appreciate you and your beautiful work. The calligraphy will look wonderful in our new home. It will really be an important part of it. Ted

I was standing in the check out line at the grocery store the other day flipping through the latest D Home 'Best of the big D' issue. I was not surprised to see you listed as the best calligrapher!! I feel so honored that you did my wedding! Thanks for everything. Melissa

You cannot imagine how nice it is for me to know that these pretty invitations are in your care. I have no worries. Brenda

The calligraphy is beautiful!! Brittany and I looked at practically every envelope, commenting on particular letters and numbers...each so pretty. The groom's mother said, "Unbelievable!"
– Joan

The invitations and envelopes came out beautifully! Thanks for your fantastic services and being so sweet to my bride-to-be. You have been Wonderful!
– Patrick

Calligraphic Arts did a perfect job on all of the projects we sent your way, from the invitations to programs to your time-consuming efforts on hand addressing envelopes!
– Elizabeth

Your work is absolutely beautiful and I have worked with many calligraphers while I worked at the National Gallery of Art.
– Nora

I have never seen anything more beautiful. You are so gifted.
– Bryan

You were such a joy to work with while I was doing Miss N's wedding. She was so pleased with the finished product. Neiman's found your work to be in the state of perfection. You are so talented, gifted, and helpful.
– Jennifer

Please accept our heartfelt thanks for your nothing-is-too-much service to us in doing the voluminous amount of calligraphy for our weekend-long event. Your work was beautifu, and we had many compliments on it. We appreciate the patient and calm attitude you had in accomodating our many changes.
– Nancy

The Texas baskets you did for us were a BIG hit. They looked great!
– Belinda

Thank you! Everything was beautiful.
– Caroline

Thank you so much for all the hard work, time, and dedication you put into the calligraphy piece you did for the Dallas Postmaster's Oath of Office ceremony. It looks wonderful hanging in her office.
– Barbara

Thank you for the beautifully done placecards you made for the Turley Law Firm Holiday Party. I also appreciate all of the gift wrapping you did for us this year. Presents looked flawless and fabulous.
– Windle

I didn't want to miss the chance to thank you for your help. I was more than satisfied with the quality and style of your work. Thanks again for being part of a very special moment in my life and create beautiful and happy memories.
– Paulina

Thanks for the beautiful product. I teared up when I saw it.
– Beth

Your work was STUNNING! Seriously, it everything I had dreamed of. Thank you so much for all your hard work. The menu cards were perfect and I have received so many compliments. I will be spreading your name around for a long time! Thank you!
– Bianca

Everything was perfect. Thank you. Someone even commented on your beautiful ecriture.

The East Dallas Community School proclamation is beautiful. It truly is a piece of art! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for executing a matted, framed jewel in less than 48 hours. I don't know if you have elves or a magic wand or what, but your efforts are most appreciated.! East Dallas Community School

Love, love, love it!!! You are wonderful - thanks!!!
– Cindy

Thank you for doing such a fabulous job with the gift wrapping! They loved it.....
– Rich

You can't begin to imagine my delight when I received the wedding invitation in the mail on Saturday. You and your team did such amazingly beautiful work. The words that I keep hearing to describe it are so adoring and highly complimentary. I know that the assembly was arduous, but you did such a fantastic job totally exceeding all expectations that I had. Thank you so, so much! With much gratitude.
– Ashley

I can't tell you how many comments we have received on the wedding invitations. People are awed by your calligraphy work and they can't believe how stunning the invitations are. They truly are a work of art!

I got my invitation today and they look wonderful! You just did a fabulous job. Thank you so much. You're the Best!
– Becky

This is just a quick message to let you know the nibs arrived safely, and I'm really excited to try them and compare one to another, including the Hunt Imperial 101. I'll probably even manage to put together an online review. Thank you so much for the excellent service.

Class and Seminar Participants

Student Testimonials

We thought it would be a good idea to share a few comments from those who have taken our classes. We offer Beginning and Intermediate Calligraphy through SMU Informal Education Courses. Illumination, Script, Portolio, and other seminars and classes are offered on location in our studio located at 5025 N Central Expressway in Dallas. We know you will be pleased with the level of instruction you receive.

In answer to a class evaluation question asking "What did you like about the class?", students answered:

You are such a great teacher. I will always remember you sitting at our kitchen table and H.L. saying, "Show Gloria what you do." I was speechless. I knew I would never rest until I learned how to do it.

I have met such wonderful clients through this business. I am truly grateful for the courses I took from you and your early encouragement to keep practicing. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with me.

Susie-Melissa's expertise. She is an EXCELLENT teacher. She explains, she demonstrates, she works with students one on one. Her positive attitude and encouragement were inspirational. Her feedback was honest and helpful.

I am learning from The Best! Ms. Cherry has an exceptional gift of calligraphy and SMU is fortunate to have someone of such caliber! She would move forward or review as needed by her students. She is professional, gives clear instruction and helpful feedback to each student on a weekly basis. I loved this class!

A question requesting suggestions for improvements to the course and suggestions for future courses received these answers:

Absolutely none!

Continue to have Susie-Melissa teach! I would take another course from her in a heartbeat.

If you take this course - you'll become addicted!

Watch out, it's the best!