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Coming Soon: Online Classes

Now you can learn calligraphy from the one of the best and most sought after instructors in the privacy of your own home. Susie-Melissa will come to you via the internet for your own private lessons. This is a great opportunity to learn the fine art of hand lettering at your own pace and convenience. Learn Uncial, Old English, Roundhand, Script, and more. Susie-Melissa brings a wealth of instructional and practical experience to this online class. Her extraordinary talent and teaching ability are a magnet for her calligraphy classes at Southern Methodist University Informal Education Courses. Take advantage of this convenient way to learn elegant calligraphy from one of the Masters. These online courses are rich, high quality audio and video.

The calligraphy supplies needed for this course can be purchased from Calligraphic Arts. For your convenience we will be happy to sell and ship what you need right to your door. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Watch this site for registration information coming soon review the status of all your subscriptions and log in to subscriptions overview Or you may send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..