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Welcome to the Calligraphic Arts Design Studio and Gift Wrap Studio. We feature a variety of products for the calligrapher and hand-lettering enthusiast. Shop with us for a fabulous array of beautiful original hand-lettered and framed inspirational verses. We also offer high-quality laser reproductions. You'll find steel pen nibs, pen staffs, papers, inks, quills, inkspoons, antique traveling inkwells, and hard-to-find calligraphy instruction books. We offer treasures such as Gillott, Esterbrook, Spencerian, Zanerian, Hunt Speedball, Goode and many other nibs that are no longer in production. These pen nibs are extremely rare. We have numerous vintage pen sets and priceless antique calligraphy tools and rare books.


Take a look at our beautiful hand made papers imported from Italy. You'll discover the finest selection of colorfully illuminated papers with original decoration in Renaissance, Medieval, Florentine style suited for any kind of award, resolution, diploma, or certificate. We have many styles and sizes for a variety of occasions including note cards, thank you cards, calling cards, wedding and dinner party invitations, and menu cards. These beautifully illuminated and exotic papers will be your most memorable stationery and help you create a lasting impression.

If you are looking for something different, we can help. Give us a call at 214.522.4731. We accept PayPal, Discover, MC/Visa, and American Express.

Here is a testimony from one of our many satisfied customers. "

"I'd just like to say that I LOVE the selection of rare nibs you have for sale; I could hardly choose which ones to buy, but finally settled on a few in addition to a Gillott Principality (which I never dreamed I'd find for sale in a quantity of just 1 for a great price!) and I am SO GRATEFUL for the Esterbrook 356 you threw in! I'm very thankful, because I was hoping to try that exact nib but just happened to be a bit short on cash. I am also *amazed* with how fast you shipped! I ordered some iron gall ink from another reliable company to use with these nibs and it won't be here until Thursday, but your order got here in just two days (not counting Sunday when USPS doesn't run). I know who to go to if I ever want any vintage nibs from now on!" K. Bailey